About Us

Join us on our journey to explore the world,

one “conversation” at a time

What is Travferr?

If travelling is what gets your mojo working, then Travferr is where you get it going!

Building up and connecting a community of explorers, adventurers, globetrotters, backpackers, sightseers and all wanderers at heart, Travferr is about creating a knowledge economy for travel-lovers and truly elevating travel experiences to make them smart, safe, authentic and accessible.

Designed as an on-demand digital guide, Travferr combines hyperlocal discovery with personalised, privacy-protected interactions. It allows travellers to take charge of their fun as it takes the pain out of planning trips with the help of verified real time recommendations from local ‘travel marshals’ who are ambassadors of all that is cool, happening and unmissable.

As the go-to travel companion app, Travferr is your one-stop for the safest and best travel experiences which are locally immersive, expert-curated and customizable, tourist-trap proof and secure.

Why Travferr?

Go beyond the ordinary and create your custom itinerary with Travferr which lets you connect with a curated community of trained travel enthusiasts, the Travel Marshalls, who are authentic area experts waiting to help you discover the very best their city has to offer. Whether it is the must-visit sites or the secret hideouts, the legendary restaurants or the cute little cafés around the corner, a live gig by a star local singer or a guided walk led by the city’s resident historian – all these and more verified recommendations and relevant information are shared in real time for you to choose from via the app and without your private details, location or number being shared.

Reach out for interest-based, authentic and real time recommendations from the local travel marshalls who are area experts with deep knowledge of the best places to visit, stay, eat, shop, lounge, and events to attend. Travellers can create a custom itinerary based on these reccos and also get contact, location and any other relevant information to go with. We give you bespoke but without the bite!

Let go of your travel anxiety and worries as Travferr works to keep you safe and connected to a support network in case of any emergency. Along with the app giving out ratified contacts and locations of the local hospital/clinic, chemist, police station, towing company, garage and taxi services,(add Salons) it also gives you the option of reaching out to a local Travel Marshal for help. The enhanced safety features also include a panic button which at a click will allow you to send your location and a message to your registered emergency contact.

In short, go to Travferr for a trip which is not staid or stressful but safe, smart and soulful.

How to Travferr?

Have fun as you create your profile and pick your travel avatar from the choices we have on the app. We don’t ask you to upload your photo as your privacy matters (but we need your documents to verify you) to us and we want to keep it travel-focused with all interactions staying in-app between travellers and marshalls, who stay anonymous. Here is to safe digital interactions which are identity-agnostic!

Sit back and relax as we check and verify profiles, for both the travel marshalls and travellers, before onboarding them. We want it to be your safe space so leave it to us to weed out any distractions and making sure you share and receive authenticated information in real time without the risk of running into any fraudsters. A community with a shared cause is what we are about!

Keep aside your worry hats as travellers, especially solo women,(not sure if we should talk about the solo women travelers) have it super secure with marshalls and travellers from the same gender being matched while the app facilitates exchange of only travel related information between their travel avatar profiles. Connecting because you love travel and without the fear of fakes is where we come in!

Log in in the event of any emergency to immediately access our directory of verified local contacts – hospital, clinic, GP, chemist, towing company, garage, taxi services, local couriers and more. Travelers can also reach out to their local travel marshal or our marshal centre – we make sure the options are there. Marshal centres are unique in operation as they are still local and we make sure you are assisted by someone local and not thousands of mail away. Also, one hit on the in-app panic button and we send your location to the person you have chosen as your emergency contact. Your safety is our concern  !