What is Traferr?

We at Traferr are building a community that helps you discover and explore any place in the world safely, secured and within an ecosystem which values your privacy and safeguards the interests of all that are a part of this journey. Traferr is all about individual conversations and enabling people to connect with each other without the vices of the world affecting their conversation.

How does it work?

By connecting users seeking information of a place with users who live and breathe there ( we call them “localites”).
You can ask them questions, get tips, learn stories, and find out what is happening in the place you are interested in (Be it a different location within your own city or a new place you are traveling to providing you with real time information ). When we say local we really mean “LOCAL”. Mumbai is a city but Vasai is a locality ( beautiful one too ๐Ÿ™‚ )
In its essence, every user is a localite of their area. So you enable the community by sharing your own knowledge and experiences with other explorers who are interested to know more about your place.

How is Traferr a safe(r) platform? ( Answers most of your questions )

We first start with verifying every individual that joins us. It is beyond a mere telephone number or email verification. This feature ensures that the users of the app are real humans and not bots. The platform lets you access and exchange real time authentic local information, recommendations, experiences, news, and history with verified “localites” about any place making it a safe(r) platform to interact on.
To reduce the risk of fraud, scams, or harassment and safeguarding your identity ( incase you are super famous or just enjoy your privacy) every member will be Anonymous on the platform with a specially auto generated Avatar and username. It also builds trust and credibility among the users, which can foster more meaningful and enjoyable interactions.
Additionally, our social media is the first to blur out any identification factors ( face, number plates). So now its ONLY about that mountain view or a yummy omelet. Refreshing change ,ain’t it?
Traferr offers Gender matching option, this feature enables travelers to choose the gender of their “localite” they wish to connect with , which can enhance their comfort and safety, a little something special for our solo travelers.

What's in it for our "localites" for their time and efforts? - Nothing is free and we know IT !

Every effort put in by you will be rewarded by our Coin-to-cash system, this feature rewards them for their interactions, which is our way of saying THANK YOU and providing quality content and conversations.
And this is the best part , where the coins can be converted to cash, which can be an additional income source for localites or a way to save money for their travels. The vouchers are actual amazon, UPI ( for India ) or similar platform vouchers which is a direct valuation of Traferr Tokens ( we are thinking about a cool name still ). So no more discount offer coupons where you need to spend ๐Ÿ™‚ . STRAIGHT HARD REWARDS as it should be. The more you upload and quantify the better we become at creating a robust all inclusive ecosystem.

Why be a part of Traferr?

Together letโ€™s build a community and be a part of a safe environment for yourself and people around you to have a no frill, no vanity, no obligation conversations and get information, or maybe just an intense conversation with someone who is equally passionate about your interests, without any safety issues.
We are all in search of meaningful connections and this is one way we thought would create a few. Its all about give and take and this is our little thank you and step towards creating that elusive “authentic” social media.

Our Vision